Wolfgang Müller, Negotiating Myths of Masculinity in David Rabe's Vietnam Play

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Some stages are crowded with tragic lovers, some with tricksters and fools, some with kings and queens, and others simply with men in dress greens. Focusing on masculinity and its theatrical representations, Negotiating Myths of Masculinity in David Rabe's Vietnam Playsprovides innovative readings of David Rabe's The Basic Training of Pavlo HummelSticks and BonesStreamers and The Orphan in the contexts of gender and men's studies. Wolfgang Müller's intriguing study of male cults, myths, metanarratives and their fatal implications draws attention to Vietnam War drama and its tragic heroes in dress greens.


Studien zur Literaturwissenschaft, Bd. 12


ISBN 9783944487427, kartoniert, 14,8x20,5 cm, 168 Seiten

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