Bernd Klewitz, Literary CLIL: Room for Two

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First class
von am 25.04.2020
Dr Klewitz, in his "Literary Clil", concentrates on the development, interrelationship and evaluation of the connection between a civilisation's culture and language. His context is the teaching of English as a foreign language, and it is in this context of a language-learning experience that the benefits and outcomes of bilingual education are promulgated.
His extensive knowledge of linguistic and cultural confrontation is exceedingly inclusive, and, in this book, is exemplified in the context of English-speaking societies. the value judgements to which they are prone, and the enormous extent of learning from these cultural environments.
The examples of aboriginal, or Native, peoples, in particular, demonstrate,in the writer's experience, sometimes movingly, the power of judgement on "strange" or "stranger" association and mutual involvement and the fear that ignorance and cruelty generate, even though these may have been seen, at the time of their imposition, as "cruel to be kind". A good example may be the attempt at "assimilation" of native peoples into whites in Australia and Canada.
Not only does he quote the examples of "colonial" English speaking societies but also that of Britain itself in his chapters of Scottish culture and Literary England and Literary Scotland. The Scottish experience, although quoting the attempted banishing of Gaelic (now reversed), exemplifies the relationship between the two countries with many fascinating displays of literary and cultural scenes and their, sometimes contrasting, though valuable, contributions,(no more relevant than at present with their different attitudes to Brexit).
In summation, the value to learners of the CLIL teaching approach, with its toxonomy of task verbs, and what Dr Klewitz describes as his "4Cs", Content, Communication, Cognition and Culture, and the emotional power of literature, is forcibly and convincingly argued. The outcome of not only linguistic, but also cultural empathy and sympathy, is surely what is in great need.
Hamish McKenzie, MA, CA, Edinburgh
First class
von am 25.04.2020
Having read it, believe it to be a way forward in the development of class room achievement
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